Kiora Lillihook

She appears to be a short, slight, pale woman with dark red hair, small black horns near her hairline and black eyes with irises rimmed in red.




Kiora is a street urchin who was primarily raised in a Tiefling gang and so, until recently, believed herself to be one. A series of events have led her to discover her changeling abilities though she still isn’t exactly sure where the abilities come from. Her strongest suspicion is that she is part succubus. Of the members of RJI, she has only told Veronica and has sworn her to secrecy, for the time being.

Kiora knows she’s lucky to have survived to the age of 20. Almost everyone she came up with is dead by some means or other. She’s tough and very wary of her surroundings, sleeps with one eye open. She’s seen people killed for a coin or a crust of bread so she knows the only person she can trust is herself.

She doesn’t think much of the upper classes, considering them soft though she respects her employer, Veronica. She has reserved final judgment on Cluracan though she has found him generally helpful. She quickly decided that Alaric is an idiot and he hasn’t given her much reason to change this opinion. She and Jonen get along very well, having had the shared experience of gang-life in Goblintown.

She speaks with a thick cockney accent and has an inclination toward smartalecky comments.

Kiora Lillihook

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