A roguish sword mage, this Eladrin once had the favor of the Queen, but apparently did something to piss her off.


Cluracan was always skilled and fairly generous. However he occasionally finds himself distracted by personal desires. This coupled with his sometimes charming and sometimes frustrating personality has made Cluracan plenty of friends and enemies. The queen felt his abilities were worth his faults for a while, and hoped that more experience would make him more mature. An unknown though thoroughly rumored incident led to his expulsion from the City of Resounding Echoes and into a low position in the ambassador’s office in the City’s sister, Sahir.

In actuality, Cluracan was sent by the Queen to Sahir to keep an eye on the ambassador who the Queen has been suspicious of for some time.

Cluracan enjoys playing tricks on both friend and foe, though he will defend good friends to the end and will make the tricks mean the death of a dangerous foe. He has focused on his fey stepping abilities and sword play.


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