Sehir is a busy, wealthy, and organized place.

Busy: There are constantly things going on, schemes being advanced. All manner of people pass through the city on their way to other places every day. The city sits on both sides of a river, promoting trade. In addition, it exists outside of any kingdom or fiefdom, making it an ideal destination for exiles and fugitives. Sehir sits on a river delta.

Wealthy: The trade routes passing through the city and its position on the river make for good cash inflow. The city taxes a percentage of all goods passing through, as well as collecting a tax from Inns, Taverns, and other places of entertainment. Merchants within the city are not taxed on their sales, and they are exempt from the normal tax on goods coming in. As a result, the city is home to many merchants, selling all manner of goods. This results in many folks coming to the city to shop, often spending time in the tavern, inn, or other places of entertainment. The city also collects property taxes, as any city does, as well as fees for the many permits the city requires for doing most anything.

Organized: A city couldn’t grow this large or be this busy without an organized government. The city is led by a Primator. The position is passed down, usually along bloodlines, but it’s not unheard of for it to go to someone outside of the previous holder’s family. A Primator rules for life, and is in charge of drafting the city’s laws.

Underneath the Primator is a Council, formed of elected folks from the city (one Councilperson per district). The Council is officially in charge of enforcing the laws the Primator drafts, and so is in charge of the Town’s guard. In addition, they act as an advisory body to the Primator, suggesting laws and such.

Finally, a third body is involved in the organization of the city. The city is home to many Guilds, organized around their particular craft. The Guild leaders meet once a month to discuss matters of commerce with in the city. The Guilds are officially in charge of policing their own members, and turn in any taxes or fees that may be charged on their member’s businesses. The Guild Council also decides the legitimacy of any new guilds that may spring up in the city, giving a seat in the Council to any guilds they feel deserve in. Although the Guilds technically have no power, their collective wealth gives them a significant amount of pull within the city.

The city is split into 6 Districts. The districts have a number, as well as a colloquial name.

District 1 – Old Town

District 2 – Riverside

District 3 – Eastdock

District 4 – Steel Heights

District 5 – Goblintown

District 6 – Dockyard

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