District 6

Dockyard (District 6) is the easternmost District in the city, bordering the Bluffs that define the city’s Eastern edge. Whereas Eastdock is where the large merchant ships come in to unload their cargo, Dockyard is where they come to repair, re-stock, and rest. Dockyard is filled to the brim with taverns and houses of ill-repute, catering to the sailors who spend a few days in port while their ship re-supplies. Well-to-do citizens of the city rarely enter Dockyard – it’s almost entirely peopled with sailors, miscreants, and criminals. It should be noted that Dockyard does not deal with pirates – there are no pirates in Dockyard. No matter what the pirates might tell you themselves, Dockyard only serves legitimate businessmen. Some may be involved in “appropriations”, but that’s a legitimate business.

Places of Interest in District 6:

- The Laughing Mermaid – A well known tavern/inn throughout the sailing world, the Mermaid is owned by a man known only as “Salty”. He’s a hulking, grizzled old man, whose face is creased heavily with wrinkles. Due to this wispy white hair, some joke that he’s really a ship’s mast, uprooted and forced to live on land. The Mermaid is famous for it’s excellent food, and has become “the place to be” for those who run in sailing circles.

- The “Triathlon” – Not a place, but a yearly event. Every year a private citizen of the town hosts an underground competition to determine who is the best sailor/swashbuckler in the city. The competition is held on a random date, and knowledge of it is spread through rumor and word of mouth. The Guard does not approve of the Triathlon, and does everything in its power to shut it down. Their efforts usually make the event all the more entertaining.

o The Triathlon starts at the Laughing Mermaid. The first “Entrance Exam” involves not only finding out when the meeting will be held, but gaining access to the Mermaid at the appointed time (the Mermaid is usually closed when this meeting is held)

o At the Meeting, all present are given a package containing a letter, a dagger, and a crossbow with a single bolt. The letter contains the list of “events” as well as instructions for claiming Victory. The first man to complete all three events is the champion, and becomes known and respected throughout sailing circles.

- Madame Pofory’s Circus of Delights – To hear her tell it, Madame Pofory has visited every corner of this world, and some places in the next world to gather the best recipes ever created. Although the extent of her travels are not certain, it is certain that she has gathered some of the best recipes from across the world. But that is not what Madame Pofory’s is known for. She is known best for her beautiful singing voice, a voice that has left the most blackhearted pirate in tears. She has previously said that she once sang for Correllon himself, who then granted her a life as long as his, so her voice may be preserved for as long as possible.

District 6’s Councildog is Mop, Salty’s pet poodle. The dog received a whopping 3 votes in the last election, giving her three more than her competition. As there was never a policy prohibiting animals from holding council seats, she was allowed in. Mop rarely votes on council matters, although she will occasionally bark when Yays or Nays are called. She spends most council meetings eating anything she can get her paws on, or smelling Grok Skullcrusher (who actually likes the dog).

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District 6

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