District 5

Goblintown (District 5) lies between Eastdock and the Bluffs. It is a place of order and brutality. Goblintown is run by a criminal organization, consisting of mostly goblins. The head of this organization is an elusive goblin known as the Underboss. Few have ever seen him, as he issues most of his orders and decrees through his “Voice”, a large Orc. Despite the criminal elements, Goblintown is home to some of the finest merchants in the entire continent. The reasons for this are simply: The Underboss may charge all merchants a yearly “Protection Fee”, but the Underboss delivers protection. If any Goblintown merchant or resident is the victim of theft, the Underboss will take action. Within 24 hours, the stolen items are returned, along with the severed head of the perpetrator. The City Guard does not set foot into Goblintown, content to let the Underboss run the show for now. Any Guardsmen who do usually turn up dead shortly thereafter.

Places of Interest in District 5

- The Five Foot Step – A dance hall owned by Vladimir, an elusive Gnome. The Five Foot Step holds weekly dances, which are open to the public, and are often completely packed. During the week, Vladimir offers dance lessons to all who are interested. These sessions are often attended by upper class folks who want to learn to dance in secret. Vladimir is considered to be one of the best dancers that has ever lived. He rarely discusses his past, which has led to much speculation and rumors. The most striking feature of the building are the two huge trees growing in the center of dance floor. They stretch to the ceiling, and seem to even be supporting the giant domed roof. [When asked about the business’s name, Vladimir will simply mutter something about “past editions”]

- Hot Robert’s Fine Linens – Owned by a bearded man named Robert, this is the premiere place to purchase fancy clothes in the city. Hot Robert clothes are required for entry into the higher circles of society. Robert claims that even the gods wear his clothes, although the veracity of this statement is difficult to test.

- The Undertavern – The headquarters of the Goblin Mafia, this seedy bar is located underground. The bartender, Vic Dreggur, is a former mafia member, and has the scars to prove it. If one is interested in contacting the mafia, he is the man to talk to.

- The Black Market – Going beyond metaphors, the Black Market is an open air market where nearly any item or substance can be purchased, regardless of legality, morality, or common sense. A portion of any vendor’s profits from the Black Market is “donated” to the Goblin Mafia or that vendor never returning to the Market.

- The Crystal Saber – A high-quality weapons store, it is famed across the land for the owner’s ability to procure any sort of weapon or armor, for a hefty fee (of course). The current owner is Devon Aries, a half-elf. The store is named for an exquisite crystal-studded saber that sits inside of a magically locked box in the store. Devon allows any who wish to attempt to open the box, and offers the saber as the reward for the one who can open it. In the 20 years he’s been in business, no one has succeeded. Not even Devon.

- The Tomb – Inside of District 5 sits a mausoleum, with no doors or windows. It was there when the city was first founded, and all attempts to figure out what it is, or what lies inside have been entirely unsuccessful. It appears to be surrounded by some sort of field that stops all magic from working within 100 feet (20 squares). As a result, the area has become a popular place for clandestine meetings of all sorts. The Tomb itself has a small amount of an ancient elven script written on it. The script reads:

Something vague and cryptic

District 5’s Councilorc is Grok Skullcrusher, the Voice of the Underboss. He is a very intelligent and well spoken orc, and often talks circles around some of the other council members. He is aware of the dislike other council members have for him, and he does his best to make them look like raving bigots, and using the sympathy generated to help push through his ideas. Grok represents his District well, doing what he can to encourage trade and business in the city. He claims ignorance of some of Goblintown’s seedier activities. Rumors say that he and Rebecca Short have many private meetings in which they discuss some of the more pressing needs of their races.

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District 5

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