District 4

Steel Heights (District 4) borders Riverside in the East, and the Shallows in the South. As one enters Steel Heights , the ground slopes sharply upward. A series of steps have been carved into the stone, and a pulley system has been devised to move materials up and down the bluff. Steel Heights is home to all of the city’s Adventuring companies, due to regulations laid forth by the Primator. Steel Heights is also the home of the city’s main gate, as well as many taverns, restaurants, blacksmiths, and sundry stores.

Places of Interest in District 4

- Erlyn’s Adventurer’s Mart – Run by Walton “Erlyn” Rigano, a former adventuring cleric, this store is billed as “your one-stop adventuring store”. Inside of its doors are all manner of items designed and tested for adventurers. He is unlikely to have anything rare or difficult to find, but what he does have, he has in bulk.

- The Dozen – Within Steel Heights there are a dozen dwarf blacksmiths, who all claim to be brothers. Each was the member of an adventuring company that broke up in the city, and so they all decided to stay and practice their craft. Each is a Master Blacksmith who has worked on many projects, both making weapons and less lethal items (they collectively forged the Golden Bridge). They don’t give out their real names, however, simply using pseudonyms they picked up from their adventuring days (no one is exactly sure how long they’ve been in the city either – some rumors say they’re nearly a thousand years old). The Dozen are: Caps, Alfred, Smash, Door, Clumsy, Sleepy, Doc, Brain, Shorty, Zip, Helmet, and Hammer.

- The Coliseum – A massive building which houses gladiatorial games, as well as tournaments of skill. Originally a private enterprise designed as a way to test and train adventurers, it was bought out by the city. Now it hosts contests of skill, as well as tournaments and other games. Receiving an invitation to compete in the games is considered a high honor for any adventuring company.

- The Bronze Voice – Hanging above the main gate to the town is a large bronze bell, crafted many years ago by the Dozen. In the event of an attack on the town, adventuring companies are expected, and even required by law, to come to the town’s defense. The Bell is used to summon these adventurers to the wall. The bell has not been rung since it was crafted. Some say the bell holds powerful enchantments and spells that will be released on its third toll.

- The City Wall and Gate – A massive stone wall surrounds the western edge of the City (the only portion that can be approached from the ground). The gate itself is a pair of large iron doors that are usually kept open. A small number of guard towers exist further outside of the city, that are used as early warning detectors – if one of them notices an approaching hostile force, a message is quickly dispatched back to the city, and the gates are closed.

- The Screaming Nightmare – A sprawling tavern in the heart of the District, it claims to serve “Everything but Iron Rations”. The main attraction is the restaurant’s “Nightmare Wings”, chicken wings fried in oil, and coated with an extremely spicy sauce.

District 4’s Councilman is Erich Edens. A former adventuring Rogue, Erich is the former owner of the Coliseum, and its undisputed champion. Despite being well over 50, he is still undefeated in Tournament matches. He acts and moves like a man 20 years younger than he is. He’s a gruff, no-nonsense kind of guy, and was elected to the position without ever running a campaign (He was simply a name most of the voters knew, so they wrote him in). On Council matters, he often takes the side of whatever will benefit adventurers the most, and bring the most contracts in to the various companies. If an argument breaks out, he’ll offer to settle the argument in the arena, and goad/taunt his opponent into agreeing or backing down.

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District 4

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