District 3

Eastdock (District 3) is the slice of city on the eastern side of the River, as well as along the Southern Coast. It is this district where many of the ships come in, and where the goods pass on their way to smaller boats for further travel inland. It’s the busiest of the districts, and is home to many open air bazaars. The City Guard’s headquarters are located here, as are many of the Guild Headquarters. Eastdock isn’t physically connected to Old Town , but there are many ferries which shuttle people back and forth, for a fee. This is easily the most cosmopolitan district of the city, and contains the greatest mix of races and social classes.

Places of Interest in District 3:

- Bronzebeard’s Underknee Market – Run by the very shrewd Dwarf Balim Bronzebeard, this is the largest of the markets in District 3. If you need it, you can find it here. Bronzebeard personally guarantees the quality and trustworthiness of the vendors in his market, paying anyone out of pocket if their merchant cheats them. What happens to the merchant is unknown, but they are never again seen at Bronzebeard’s market. It’s not known if Bronzebeard is his real name or an acquired nickname – his beard is a rich bronze color.

- The Plaza – a large plaza with several fountains, it serves as a park for the District. During the week, it is usually filled with beggars and playing children. On the weekends, one will usually find storytellers, mediums, fortune tellers, palm readers, and other such types in the plaza.

- Guild Way – All of the Guild headquarters are located on the same street, which has lead to it being referred to as “ Guild Way ”. Recognized Guilds in the city are: The Adventurer’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, Artful Performer’s Guild (sponsor of many street thieves and conmen), Merchant’s Guild, Sailor’s Guild, and the Fisherman’s Guild.

- The Citadel – Home to the Mage’s Guild, this is a huge structure that towers over all nearby buildings. The building itself is constantly in motion, and parts of it shift around according to the whims of nearby magic fields. The inside of the Guild is a mystery to most people – only those with sufficient magical power and intelligence can enter (There are a series of puzzles between the gate and front door that require thinking and 6-8th level powers/rituals to successfully complete)

- Halls of Justice – Home to the Guard, this is one of the most fortified buildings in the city. It is here that the guard leadership is, and this is also where the city’s jails and courthouses lie. Directly in front of the Halls is a massive golden stature of Bahamut. Rumors say that some kind of fortune is buried underneath the statue, but what fortune would be worth burying under a golden statue is unknown.

District 3’s councilman is none other than Balim Bronzebeard himself. The fast talking dwarf shows up to every council meeting, and regularly disagrees with the councilorc out of principle. On most matters, Balim will advocate for anything that will bring more trade into the city, and therefore more people into his shop.

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District 3

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