District 2

Riverside (District 2) is the slice of homes situation on the west edge of the river. Riverside is connected to Old town via the Golden Bridge , a large bridge, lined with gold, built by the richer citizens of Riverside . Riverside is an affluent neighborhood, filled with wealthy traders and merchants. Due to a quirk of how the rive flows, there are few merchant docks within Riverside – any docks are entirely privately owned. Most of Riverside ’s residents work either in Old Town , or over in Eastdock. The district also has a large team of mages working tirelessly to keep the river from overflowing its banks, and flooding the district.

Places of interest in District 2

- Golden Bridge – It’s practically the symbol of the city’s wealth. It’s a major tourist attraction (much to the chagrin of Riverside ’s residents who would prefer the riff raff stay in their own districts)

- The Cruel Mistress – A tavern located in the heart of Riverside , it serves excellent, fresh seafood at decent prices (for Riverside ). It is rumored that there’s a back-room to the tavern where scantily clad women dance about, and can even be rented for “private entertainment”. Of course, such things would never go on in a nice neighborhood like Riverside

- The Grand Guignol Theater – A large theater located right beside the Golden Bridge, it is the place to go for theater or plays. Every other month the theater features plays and performances with a new leading lady, always someone pulled from the dregs of society. No one is entirely sure who runs the theater, or who or what is the Grand Guignol, but the play premieres have become a social event. Attendance is required for the social elite, especially the closing performance at the end of each odd month. The other month is a play with professional actors, and just as important an event, except for the closing night.

District 2’s Councilwoman is Rebecca Short. As the oldest daughter of the wealthiest family in Riverside , she considers it her “charity” to sit on a board that helps “the little people”. She’s very xenophobic, publicly expressing disgust with any race other than humans. However there is a persistent rumor that she’s interested in the District 5 councilorc’s greenskin.

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District 2

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