District 1

Old Town (District 1) is the section of the city that lies on a series of islands in the middle of the river. This is where the city government is located, along with most of the old money families. Anyone who is anyone in the city will have an address somewhere within District 1. It is also the home of the famous Arboretum, a park that is rumored to have one of every tree in existence planted within its boundaries. On the north side of the District, deep within the Arboretum, mages constantly work to keep the river in check, and to keep it from flooding the island.

Places of Interest in District 1

- The Arboretum – Supposedly contains one sample of every tree in existence, including some of the more magical and dangerous ones

- City Center – Locations of City Hall, the Courts, the City Council Chamber, as well as all of the city business. This is where you get your adventurer’s permits from and the like.

- Temple of Erathis – God of civilization, Erathis is the patron deity of the city. In the city core, there is a large temple dedicated to him, where most of the city leaders worship.

- Rasturberry Commons – named after the first Primator, Rasturberry Commons is a large building, where most of the city’s social gatherings take place. To be invited to an event there is to be invited to join the social elite.

- Martyr’s Island – a small island located just north of the main island, it is desolate , and almost without note. However, the island is littered with rocks, all of which are blood red. If cracked or broken, a thick red liquid seeps out of the stones. The island is rumored to be either haunted, or the home of some past demonic ritual

District 1’s councilman is Robert Alderman. His father is the Primator, and so Robert spends his time waiting for his opportunity to run the city.

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District 1

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