Resounding Justice Investigations

A Night At The Theater
In Which We Meet The Players

It is late Thursday afternoon. The members of Resounding Justice Investigations are spread throughout the city of Sehir. Some seek work, some seek personal demons, some just seek fun.

Alaric stumbles across and follows a man he recognizes as a companion of his former dust dealer. Unfortunately for Alaric, the man he follows goes into the same tavern that Kiora and Jonen are relaxing. Kiora and Alaric have a brief confrontation, leading to their hasty exit from the tavern before the goblins come. Kiora berates Alaric for his weakness while Jonen follows along to RJI.

Cluracan takes in the sights of Sehir, wandering amongst the street entertainers without his sword, though it is only a moment’s thought from his hand. He notices some street urchins are picking the pockets of ignorant tourists, but not soon enough to stop himself from being a victim. He tries to find the urchin but loses him in the streets. Annoyed, he heads back to RJI as well.

Veronica, responsible as usual, is managing the running of RJI when a weathered older man walks in. He introduces himself as Gabby, and explains his story and his need. His daughter, Alice, is the most recent woman selected to be this month’s star of The Grand Guignol. He’s concerned based on past experiences of his neighbors and friends. Every time the actress goes off to The City Of Resounding Echoes, she never comes back, never writes, nothing. They thought they might try to perform some divination magic, but they were cheated by a charlatan wizard, or one who at least ran off with their money. Veronica agrees to investigate.

After everyone shares some information, they all agree that something is up. Particularly since Cluracan doesn’t ever recall seeing any of these girls in The City of Resounding Echoes when he was there. Everyone takes a different direction for investigating.

Veronica and Alaric go to Thursday’s performance of Hamletta, the second to last night, and the last play before the grand finale on Saturday evening. During intermission, Alaric wanders back stage and memorizes the layout, while Veronica listens to some chatter in the women’s room. They watch the rest of the performance, and Alaric goes out to wait for Alice while Veronica wants to go backstage. She meets the house mage and gets some information on the special effects for Saturday. Alaric talks with Alice and gets a letter of introduction to Lady Katerina for his “sister”.

Kiora and Jonen watch the layout of the outside of the theater and surroundings. They meet a young man whose sister had been one of the previous actresses who disappeared. Jonen arranges to meet with a guard he recognizes, and they keep the urchins from mugging Alaric.

Cluracan goes to the Eladrin Embassy, procures some tickets for Friday’s final show, and meets with his contact in the Embassy guard. He passes on his bi-monthly messages and learns that the guard doesn’t ever recall the actresses making it to the City of Resounding Echoes either.

All reconvene at RJI and discuss plans of action and theories. Jonen will meet with his guard contact for information, Kiora will try and get a tour of the theater from one of the workers, Alaric and Cluracan will research religious possibilities regarding Torog and The Chained One, and Veronica will meet with her mother and try and get tickets for Saturday night.

Jonen meets with his guard contact and learns some information about Lady Katerina and the security arrangements for Saturday. Kiora gets a full tour of the theater, underneath the stage, the trap door, the cat walk, and costumes. She barely manages to avoid Lady Katerina. Alaric and Cluracan read up on Torog and get some information from a talkative young Eladrin female named Elizabeth.

Night approaches.

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