Jonen Reinhardt

A burly human in his mid 20s, with closely-cropped dark hair, flint grey eyes, and a long scar running over one eye.


Born of a well-off merchant family, Jonen never found much liking in ‘honest’ business. As a young teenager, he ran with a unsavory crowd – street urchins, local toughs, and other people Jonen found far more interesting then the circles his parents frequented. Hoping to set his son straight, his father pushed him to sign up for the Sehir City Guard. Jonen found the Guard to his liking, though not for the reasons his parents hoped. Jonen, together with other similarly-minded Guardsmen, ran a number of “off-the-books” jobs in Sehir, using his position and talents for gold. After two and a half years as a Guardsman, Jonen was implicated in an altercation in Goblintown while he was off-duty working security for a local criminal gang. Because his involvement in the crime made public would have led to embarrassment for the City Guard as a whole, he never faced trial or jail time, but he was promptly kicked off the City Guard for undisclosed “disciplinary reasons” and levied with a substantial “fine” (which, he had no doubt, would line the coffers of his superiors).

Jonen ran with a number of mercenary companies and criminal gangs after his dimissal from the Guard, including a dwarven mercenary company in which he picked a number of fighting skills as well as a penchant for uttering Dwarven curses. Most recently, he found himself running with a gang of Tieflings, until the group was disbanded and most of its members arrested. His old second-in-command, Kiora, offered him a job with a new investigation company. Jonen found the idea a little too honest to be comfortable with, but the promise of a steady job – and gold – was enough to lure him aboard.

Jonen Reinhardt

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