Alaric Liuvigild

A short but energetic black-haired human with a fair complexion and broad but well-defined features, he has a ready smile below glinting green eyes, but also the slightly drawn look of someone who's recently lost weight quickly


His short black hair sticks up in unruly fashion, though he constantly tries to smooth it down, especially when he’s thinking through something out loud, which is often. His movements, like his speaking, are quick, to the point, no-nonsense, and get faster when he is very excited or hurried. For his stature, he has a surprisingly rich baritone. His dress is of fine make, but beginning to wear ragged, as though he only has the one outfit. Which, once you’ve known him for a few days, turns out to be the case.


He moved in from the country at a young age when his talent became apparent. In addition to doing exceptionally at school, he created and grew a successful mercantile business in just his spare time. As with many exceptional people, once he drew attention, he felt the pressure to maintain the same, or even increasing, achievement curve. Being an herbalist, the first few batches of dust were easy to make, and allowed him to focus longer and sleep less. Quickly, though, his personal supply of the necessary ingredients ran out, and through one contact and another, starting with a legitimate herb supplier he knew, he slowly moved down the chain to less and less savory types, until he got to the man who would become his regular supplier.

Unfortunately, he had the precisely worst sort of supplier, who could see exactly how badly he needed the dust. Even as he became more and more addicted, the effects of each dose lasted for a shorter and shorter duration, and the side effects when it wore off became worse and worse….and his supplier kept raising the price. He got kicked out of school about a semester ago – his grades tanked after he sold all his books. Eventually, he had literally sold just about everything but the shirt on his back, and had the remaining gold and few small items (his starting equipment) gathered up for one last payment to keep the dust running for a few more days.

When he got there….he found only an empty room, with a trail of blood leading out the door into the street. He arrived nearly simultaneously as Veronica, who was investigating. She took him in, and put him through a forced “cold turkey” purge (which was not very pretty, and actually involved him tied up for two days because he would have attacked whoever stood between him and the door at that point), and got him back on his feet. He’s two weeks clean now, but still a long way from having the willpower to actually stay away on his own. Think Season 1 Charlie (from Lost).

Alaric Liuvigild

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