• Alaric Liuvigild

    Alaric Liuvigild

    A short but energetic black-haired human with a fair complexion and broad but well-defined features, he has a ready smile below glinting green eyes, but also the slightly drawn look of someone who's recently lost weight quickly
  • Cluracan


    A roguish sword mage, this Eladrin once had the favor of the Queen, but apparently did something to piss her off.
  • Jonen Reinhardt

    Jonen Reinhardt

    A burly human in his mid 20s, with closely-cropped dark hair, flint grey eyes, and a long scar running over one eye.
  • Kiora Lillihook

    Kiora Lillihook

    She appears to be a short, slight, pale woman with dark red hair, small black horns near her hairline and black eyes with irises rimmed in red.